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Ever thought this before?

“Gujarati is my mother tongue, but we only speak in English

at home.  How will my child ever learn to speak Gujarati?!”

Then learn Gujarati the fun way,
and sing and play with...  

Gujarati classes for kids up to 12 years

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Gaa-o Gaa-o! Sing along to some old favourites and learn new Gujarati songs with your children in these fun-filled classes, delivered both

ONLINE via Zoom, and

FACE TO FACE in Hatch End, London



Stories and activities with exciting props make these classes interactive and enjoyable too, giving parents and grandparents plenty of new material to practice at home. 

Ideal for children from 1 to 12 years old!


Class Types


Under 5's

With all Gujutots Gujarati classes, whether online or in person, each week covers a different theme, so children learn across a wide range of subjects including cultural topics such as Diwali, Navratri and Christmas!

At Gujutots, we place great emphasis on building children's confidence to speak in Gujarati and growing their vocabulary, as well as learning basic written Gujarati too.


More than anything though, we really want children to develop a love of learning Gujarati through immersive and interactive classes to help children retain their cultural heritage and strengthen bonds with family members of all ages!

Face to face

Face to Face Classes


Under 3's

Mon 10.30am,
Harrow Arts Centre

Let's get kids loving to learn Gujarati! This class can be attended by children as young as 4 months all the way to 3 years old, and is an ideal class for parents or grandparents to bring their children to have fun learning the Gujarati language.


In class, you can expect to sing songs and listen to stories with props and plenty of interactive and sensory materials to keep children engaged and learning. All required materials are provided in class.

Under 5's

Sat 9.40am, 10.25am and 11.10am,
Harrow Arts Centre

This physical, face to face class is for children up to and including 5 year olds. We sing songs, listen to stories and play games that capture children's imagination so they are learning Gujarati without realising as they are having so much fun. We occasionally do craft activities too with kids hearing instructions in Gujarati. All materials are provided in class.

Online Classes


Under 4's

Saturdays 8.20am, Zoom

Children as young as 1 can join this class. Its focus is to engage our youngest students early on, getting them to love to learn Gujarati! We sing well known nursery rhymes in English and Gujarati in this class, along with new catchy Gujutots songs and stories with lots of simple actions, props, and puppets, allowing little ones to learn without realising.

LEARNING INTENT: Allowing children to get familiar with the sounds of Gujarati words through song and play and helping them gain a basic grasp of Gujarati vocabulary.

Age 4-8 years

Sundays 9.30am, Zoom

The next stage up is for age 4-8 years. In this class, we want children to continue to have fun and develop a passion for learning Gujarati through songs and stories in both English and Gujarati. There is also more chance for interaction in this class, and children are encouraged to answer questions about what they have seen and learnt, as well as play interactive games & crafts. In these classes, the children are also introduced to the Gujarati alphabet, so, each week, practice writing too.

LEARNING INTENT: To encourage children to speak in Gujarati with correct pronunciation, and to grow their knowledge of and correct use of vocabulary. To learn the basics of writing Gujarati.

Over 8's

Sundays 10.15am, Zoom

The over 8's class is designed to engage these older students, focusing less on songs and more on interactive conversations and question & answer sessions. It's a little bit more advanced as it's expected older children will find it easier to learn and build longer sentences. They see more of the Gujarati script and have a chance to write a little bit of Gujarati too. The children are expected to relate their learning more to the world they live in. They get homework too!


LEARNING INTENT: To give children the tools to start to create Gujarati sentences themselves and to grow in confidence to speak in Gujarati with correct pronunciation. To develop an understanding of how to write complete words in Gujarati

Mixed Ages

Sun 8.45am, Mon 5.30pm & 6.15pm, Zoom

The mixed age class caters for children from age 1 to 12 years. It's a broad age range in which the teacher can adjust the content depending on the ages of children attending class in any given week. The main emphasis of the class is to ensure the children have fun and develop a passion for learning Gujarati through the songs, stories, games and craft activities, with interactive elements to help children grow their confidence to speak in Gujarati too. In these classes, the children are also introduced to the Gujarati alphabet, so, each week, practice writing too.


LEARNING INTENT: To encourage children to speak in Gujarati with correct pronunciation, and to grow their knowledge of and correct use of vocabulary. To learn the basics of writing Gujarati.

Aria toddler 1.jpg

International Class


Mixed Ages

Mondays 11pm (UK timing), Zoom

The international classes are held on Mondays at 11pm, UK timing, hence are appropriate for children from across the globe. Timing wise, this class works most appropriately for American and Canadian children, but any child is welcome to join any class. The learning intent is as per Mixed age class.

Smitty is engaging and responsive to the children in a unique and creative way!  I really appreciate her efforts to be inclusive of all cultures! Highly recommend this class either online or in person

Google review - Priya Kansal,



Smitty has a unique and interactive way of teaching Gujarati.  My daughter really enjoys her classes and is learning really quickly!

Google review - Tina Lakhani

Devina has had a lovely time with Smitty Masi and this has given her lots of confidence to speak in Gujarati.  We really love her classes and especially look forward to the new songs!"

Google review - Dhruti Manek

We love Gujutots!  It's helped our little one learn about the language and culture and taught us a thing or two along the way.  Especially my wife who is not Gujarati and has started learning how to speak alongside our daughter

Google review - Rishi Vithlani



New CDs All 3.jpeg

The Gujutots CD's have some lovely tracks on them, including "Ek Hathu Bathak" and "Chaalo Aapde Nursery E Jaiye" that will have you and your little one singing along and learning Gujarati without even realising it!

Some feedback from customers:

"OMG we love love love it! We've been bopping to the music all the way home!"

"Now this is something!!! The best CD yet!! Cannot believe how you made a song from telling the kids to hurry along...such a catchy tune!"

"My 4 year old is now speaking more Guju because of [Chaalo Aapde Nursery E Jaiye song] than she ever has!"

New CDs CD1.png
New CDs CD2.jpg.jpeg
New CDs CD3.png

to order your copy!

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Activity Sheets

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Smitty Hindocha

As founder of Gujutots, I am passionate about getting more and more children to speak and understand Gujarati...the fun way! 

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