Ever thought this before?

“Gujarati is my mother tongue, but we only speak in English

at home.  How will my child ever learn to speak Gujarati?!”

Then learn Gujarati the fun way,

and sing and play with...  

Teaching kids Gujarati 
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Stanmore | Hatch End | Northwood

Gaa-o Gaa-o! Sing along to some old favourites and learn new Gujarati nursery rhymes with your little ones in these fun-filled 45 minute classes, based in Northwest London!



Story time and activities with exciting props make these classes interactive and enjoyable too, giving you plenty of new material to practice at home.



All in a relaxed environment where you can meet like-minded parents over a cup of chai!


Class Types

Ghasartha Ghasartha
Ghasartha Ghasartha

Crawling or not, toddling or not, this class is perfect for little ones aged 6 -18 months! Fun nursery rhymes in English and Gujarati with actions and props that they will recognise and lots of sensory play. Plus a chance for you to meet other like minded parents!

Bol Baby Bol
Bol Baby Bol

Beginning to speak? Well, this is the class for your little one! Lots of fun singing, activities and also learning those all important Gujarati words that will help your little one understand loved ones!

Nana Manas
Nana Manas

A chance to get your pre-schooler talking and understanding Gujarati through singing songs in English and Gujarati and through activities. Interactive sessions that encourage your child to practice speaking in Gujarati in a safe environment

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Bol Baby


Nana Manas

Classes for babies

under18 months

Classes for tots

15 - 36 months

Classes for kids

2.5 - 5 years



         is all about exposing your child to Gujarati from an early age in a fun and engaging way to help make it a part of their everyday lives as they grow up.


And we all know that children learn best and most effectively through play, so         is all about singing songs and listening to stories that children and parents recognise and love. This helps make speaking in Gujarati more natural so it can eventually become part of everyday vocabulary


Seeing other children speak the language will help your child engage with Gujarati better. And the fun activities and songs to sing at home will help reinforce the words. And of course, coming along to the classes is an opportunity to meet like-minded parents, so you can practice together!


So come along and try out a          class!

Open to everyone interested in speaking Gujarati


We really loved the interaction with everyday items and toys and knowing what to call them in gujarati - even I didnt know some of the underwater creature names in gujarati!!

Shreena Sedani, April 2018



Your material and format was great! engaging, fun and non intimidating for parents like me who would say they are not overly confident with speaking Gujarati

Priya Tailor, May 2018

I can't think of many improvements, as I've been to many classes and would put yours somewhere at the top!

Sheena Varsani, July 2018


Loved that it was not just singing, it involved stories and activities

Archna Mehta, May 2018



The Gujutots CD's have some lovely tracks on them, including "Ek Hathu Bathak" and "Chalo Aapre Nursery E Jaiye" that will have you and your little one singing along and learning Gujarati without even realising it!

Some feedback from customers:


"My 4 year old is now speaking more Guju because of [Chalo Aapre Nursery E Jaiye song] than she ever has!"

"OMG we love love love it! We've been bopping to the music all the way home!"

Contact me to order your copy!

Gujutots CD1


The second CD in the Gujutots CD range was introduced to further the enjoyment of learning Gujarati.


With songs such as "Garba Gawo" and "Diwali Aaiwi", there is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about some Gujarati traditions through song! And "Bus na paidan" has proved to be a firm favourite for kids!

It also contains a lovely little activity booklet and the lyrics to the Swagatham and Aav Jo songs!

Gujutots CD1


CD2 Content.jpeg
Gujutots Swagatham Gaayan - Smitty Hindocha
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Smitty Hindocha

As founder of Gujutots, I am passionate about getting more and more children to speak and understand Gujarati...the fun way! 

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