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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child doesn’t know any Gujarati, can they join?
    Absolutely.Gujutots is entry level Gujarati, aimed at children with little or no prior knowledge of the language, or for those who wish to practice the spoken word
  • How long are the ONLINE classes?
    The Online classes are 30 – 40 minutes long. You will need to sign in at the start time of the class so the teacher can take the register and greet all the children. And you need up to 5 minutes at the end of class for the teacher to share homework for the week and make any announcements.
  • What’s the maximum number of children in a class?
    A max of 12 in physical classes, and 25 in online classes with the exception of the over 8’s class where the max number is 17 kids.
  • What age is suitable for children to attend Gujutots classes?
    For the online and pre-recorded classes, Gujutots is suitable from around 6 months when babies start to sit up and interact, all the way to 12 years of age. The physical classes are currently available up to age 5, and parents / guardians are expected to attend with their child.
  • What happens in a Gujutots class?
    Gujutots classes are about learning Gujarati whilst having fun as this is how kids learn best. In any Gujutots class, we will always start off with the Gujutots Swagatham gayan, as this is our welcome song.Then we will sing songs in English and Gujarati using puppets and props to help the children learn.As each week follows a different theme, we will sometimes also listen to a story, play a game, or do a craft activity to engage and educate the children in different ways.
  • How can I access the online classes?
    Gujutots classes are conducted through the Zoom app. Have it installed on your device so you are ready to access the class
  • Can I try out a class before joining?
    Yes, you can try out a Gujutots session for free before you sign up, and there is no obligation to join! Just to register.
  • Are the classes online and in person too?
    YES!! Gujutots offers classes both online and in person. Check out the schedule to see which class time and day suits you. Remember, you can always try out a class for free if you are new to Gujutots.
  • How do I know what to bring to class?
    In advance of the class, you will receive a list of props you can bring to class. Every effort is made to ensure the props are things you can find around the house, and bringing them to the class is not essential, but will help enhance the lesson for your child, and help them engage better. Older children find it useful to bring a pen and paper to class so they can make notes, but again, this is optional. If we are doing a craft activity, you will be given prior notice of what to bring - craft activities are aimed at helping children understand and follow instructions in Gujarati, therefore, it is not a problem if you do not have the craft materials with you.
  • How long are the PHYSICAL classes?
    The physical classes are 45 minutes in length
  • Do I have to start the classes at the beginning of the term?
    No, you can start at any point, and will only pay for the number of weeks left in the term in which you start.Gujutots classes are independent of each other.You do not need to attend the previous class to move on to the next class
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    As per the Gujutots terms and conditions, it is not possible to add the missed class to the end of your booking. However, it is possible to attend another class before your next regular class is due. This is subject to class availability and cannot be guaranteed.
  • What level of Gujarati will they learn in a Gujutots class?
    Gujutots is for beginners and children new to Gujarati. It's about familiarising children with Gujarati in an everyday setting, expanding their vocabulary and building their confidence to start speaking in Gujarati. Children will occasionally learn about the Gujarati alphabet and be exposed to the Gujarati written word, particularly in the older age groups
  • How many sessions do I have to book?
    Gujutots is now run using an automated system and classes are booked in terms, equivalent to half the school term. This can be between 6 and 8 weeks. Details on the pre-recorded classes will be released in due course
  • Do you do craft activities every week?
    No, craft activities are done mostly on special occasions alongside the regular songs etc which are appropriate for the theme of the week. They are aimed at helping children understand and follow instructions in Gujarati, therefore, it is not a problem if you do not have the craft materials with you.
  • Do I have to pay for the Gujutots taster class?
    Gujutots taster sessions have always been free! However, if you miss or cancel 2 taster sessions, you will then be asked to pay for the taster session which is the equivalent to the cost of one regular class per child.
  • Can I get a sibling discount?
    Yes. Gujutots offers a 25% sibling discount for each sibling attending the class at the same time.
  • How much are Gujutots classes?
    The taster sessions are free. As prices differ between some class types, you will need to go to the "Book Classes & Tasters" link to ascertain the price of the course in which you are interested. You can do this without making any payments or booking on to the class.
  • How can I pay for Gujutots classes and merchandise?
    You can now pay in one of 3 ways: bank transfer, PayPal, or card (credit cards and debit cards are accepted) . The Gujutots bank account details for a bank transfer is: Account number: 23552212 Sort Code: 09-01-29 Ref: [Your full name]
  • Who writes and performs the Gujutots songs?
    All Gujutots songs are written and performed by Smitty Hindocha
  • Can I use the Gujutots music in my class?
    Gujutots music and material is all under international copyright laws and the Gujutots logo is a registered Trademark belonging to Gujutots. These cannot be used in any way shape or form without prior consent from Smitty Hindocha. Contact:
  • Can I get the lyrics to the songs?
    The lyrics will soon be available to purchase.. Keep checking back for updates
  • How can I get hold of the Gujutots music?
    Gujutots music can be purchased either as CDs, or via iTunes, and will help your child learn Gujarati across different themes like colours, foods, vehicles etc. There are 3 Gujutots CDs that you can purchase by sending an email to On iTunes, search for “Gujutots”, all one word. The music will be available for android users in the near future – check back for details.
  • Can I get the resources for the classes I attend?
    YES!! There is a private Gujutots Facebook group that you can request access to once you are signed up to classes. Here you can see what key words and sentences were learnt each week within a term, and also get the lyrics for the songs sung each week so you can practice with your child. Due to copyright infringement, you are not permitted to print, copy or share any of the materials within this private group, unless explicit permission has been granted.
  • If I want to start my own Gujutots class, how do I do that?
    All Gujutots material is copywritten and protected by law. No material can be used in a public setting without prior consent. Please contact for more info on how you can start your own Gujutots classes
  • What is the Gujutots YouTube channel?
    Gujutots YouTube channel is a free service where you can watch videos recorded by Smitty that will help your child learn Gujarati and see how the Gujutots classes are conducted. Just log on to YouTube and search for Gujutots, subscribe to the channel (it’s free), and watch the videos with your little one as many times as you wish.
  • What else can I do to help my child learn Gujarati?
    Learning Gujarati is like any other language, the more you speak it and hear it, the easier it is to learn. With children, the best thing to do is make learning fun. Here are some ideas: * Play a game with them and do it in Gujarati (see e.g. the “colours” game on Gujutots YouTube channel) * Sing a fun song in Gujarati like the bath song “Jhoom, Jhoom, Jhoom” – you can give them a shower, teach them body parts in Gujarati and have fun at the same time! There are lots of other educational songs on the Gujutots CDs * Download one of the fun Gujutots PDFs to help your child learn key words in Gujarati * Watch Gujutots on Facebook Lives with your child where Smitty explores different subjects around learning Gujarati
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